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Once again we are planning our September Get Together. On September 17, 2016, at Tuttles, at 5:00PM, we will be recognizing 54 years since graduation. The cost is $15/person, including pizza.
RSVPs are appreciated...wayneplaroche@gmail.com

"Tomorrow's Another Day" sung by Terri and Jay (Terri Soland ('62) and Jay from Robbinsdale is now on YouTube.  Thanks to Suzy Doss-Bicknese ('61) for the link.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfHXyfyndPU

From Doug Anderson: 
Here is a summary of the 53rd class reunion. Skip Cottrell flew in to take pictures for one of our classmates, but I didn't catch the name. No one else had a camera

Attendees, Mary Zakariasen (McLeod), Jim Vassar, Doug Thompson, Gayle Swanson (Sparks), Marge Tarasar (Vajda), Bob Stohl, Kent Severson. Judy Pierskalla (Skorhein), Craig Peterson and wife Mary. Gene Ortiz, Wayne LaRoche and wife Donna, Dan Fuller, Barry Fox, Steve Emmings, Bob Ferris, Dick Christiansen, Odel Benhardus, Skip Cottrell, I thought I saw Louis Colson, Jerry Anderson, and my wife Jeanette and myself

it was like a picnic, hambergers, lettuce, tomatoes and chips. also pulled pork

started at 5, ended about 8:15. it was a fun time. more guys than gals, Bob Ferris suggested it was an excuse for the guys to get out

filled in a survey about what the 55th should be like. where, when (August or September), cost (2 ranges 45-50 per person and 50-60 per person. whether those who can afford more should be asked to pre fund the kitty so overall costs per person would be less.

I would suggest emailing Marge Vajda or Wayne LaRoche. they may be able to get you electronic versions of the questionaire, and or answer questions you might have, one of the questions asked was whether you would like to be on the committee.
(Hopefully we can get pics from Skip...)

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