1) Whose leg is in the Shady Oak Beach pic?
Steve Emmings
John Grussing
Bill Coyne
Kent Severson
2) Who is the clown in the middle in the Student Activities album?
Barb Krautkramer
Judy Uherka
Sue Sheets
Cheryl Walsh

3) Who is the cutie on the left, in the Early Years album?
Charlotte Mann
Dorothy Holcher (class of '61)
Kathy Johnson
Karen Stenback
4) Where are the girls on the paddlewheel?
Shady Oak Lake
Minnesota Creek
Lake Calhoun
San Antonio, Texas

5) What did Milton Ojala, Vice Principal, wish we all had?
moral fiber
school spirit
straight A's
6) What was the Annex?
a hang-out next to Milbert's grocery
the snack shack at Shady Oak
former senior high building used for some junior high classes
Hopkins movie theater

7) What were our school colors?
purple and white
gold and white
green and gold
purple and gold
8) Who was our Homecoming Queen?
Jean Rorman
Barb Krautkramer
Sue Sheets
Karen Cermak

9) What is a padiddle?
A game with a paddle
At night, a car with one headlight out
A kind of duck
A test by Miss Maceman
10) What do you do when encountering a padiddle?
Shout padiddle
Fail the test
Kiss the person next to you
Answers 1 and 3

11) Who was our local 'Elvis' ?
Al Godfrey
Brian Magnuson
Steve the Janitor
Skip Cottrell
12) Who wrote and sang a song that started with "He kissed me, he kissed me on the first night we met, oh, oh my love...."
Connie Francis
Debbie Reynolds
Terri Soland
Cheryl Hyer